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motion design example
movie "verdammte helden"

Authoring is the process of creating a DVD or a Blu-Ray Disc video capable of playing on a DVD or Blu-Ray Player. Authoring is the second step in the process of producing finished DVDs or BR Discs. The first step is the creation of the video and the second, the authoring, is the creation of artwork, user menus, insertions of chapter points, overdubs/commentaries, setting autoplay and/or repeat options, etc.




Schneider Electric SE
SHT Haustechnik AG
Astellas Pharma GmbH
Weltsprachen.at/Anders KG

Beautypharm GesmbH
Martin Miller GesmbH
Michael Konsel
Siemens AG Österreich

Janssen Cilag Pharma GmbH

WU Club 500
Western Union International Bank GmbH
Einrichtungshaus Leiner GesmbH

Agentur Moods and More
IFSS/Institut For Six Sigma
IBB Betriebsberatungs GesmbH



Agentur Synergy Event
Schreibseminar/Andrea Fehringer
Böhringer Ingelheim RCV GmbH & Co KG

Werbeagentur Milleder
Agentur Flightclub

Finanzforum e.V.
MAM GesmbH

Austria Skate Marathon

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